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Why Us

Find out how Intellify can leverage Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology to transform your organisation into a data-driven powerhouse

Solutions That Deliver Real Business Value

Our focus is on delivering solutions that add real business value to your company. This means that the impact of our solutions is measurable; delivers tangible benefits in weeks, not years; and maximises your ROI.

Fully Focused on Artificial Intelligence

We are first and foremost Artificial Intelligence specialists. All our consultants have years of industry experience in delivering data science and machine learning projects in addition to strong technical degrees in computer science, statistics, and IT. They are experts in translational data science – meaning they understand your business, your business’ language, and the specific AI solutions that will deliver you the best results.

Built Using State-of-the-Art Technologies

Our solutions are built on the latest, most sophisticated cloud technologies and algorithms. As an AWS partner, we leverage their cloud services so that your business can receive all the benefits of the cloud: cost efficiency, scalability, flexibility, manageability, and security; in addition to those provided by our specialised artificial intelligence solutions.

Accelerated Project Delivery

Every single project leverages Intellify’s Intellectual Property and delivery frameworks, resulting in less time spent on project set-up and low-value tasks. This means more time on developing tailored, value-adding solutions – ensuring your business gets the best possible outcome.

Delivered using our Data Science Success Framework

A large number of data science and AI projects have poor success, simply because they lack a strong framework tying together skilled data scientists, business subject matter experts, advanced technology, workflow considerations, and productionisation strategies. Intellify has developed a proprietary methodology – the Data Science Success Framework – to overcome these issues and ensure the best possible outcome. Designed to connect your business problems to our state of the art solutions, the Data Science Success Framework has resulted in increased project success rates and solution adoption with our clients.