Why AI

Find out how Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are changing the landscape of business

Timeline for the progression of ML and AI technologies as follows, except with DATES instead of stages

Stage 1

Building a Comprehensive Picture

In this stage, our consultants work with your business to understand the needs of the different stakeholders, the problems they encounter, the technical environment and business processes the solution has to seamlessly fit into and your businesses definition of a successful solution.
Stage 2

Identify Best Solution

In this stage, our consultants work with your business to identify several highest value solutions. We’ll then work together to select the best possible solution for your business and turn it into a minimum viable product (MVP).
Stage 3

Rapid Development

In this stage, our consultants will build the MVP product and work through iterative development cycles that are designed at each cycle to re-align the solution with the current needs of the business and our consultant’s advice.
Stage 4


Once the MVP product has reached the goals of the success framework it will be rolled into your production environment and integrated into your business processes.