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Visit Intellify at the AWS Summit Sydney 2019

Intellify is proud to announce that we will be exhibiting at this year’s AWS Summit at the International Convention Centre (ICC), Sydney. The Summit aims to bring together the cloud computing community to enhance and celebrate knowledge about creating future-ready businesses.

Explore how cloud technology can help businesses innovate, reduce costs and promote efficiency at large. The event is open to cloud users of all levels! It’s a free event designed to inspire new skill and application development as well as educate all those interested about the newest technologies and experts who have built their solutions on AWS.


What to Expect:

Day 1 (30th of April) is Amazon Innovation Day. The agenda focuses on first-hand experience and insights on how Machine Learning, Robotics, and AI are changing the way we do business an life our daily lives.

Day 2 & 3 (1st and 2nd of May) is the AWS Summit. These days include exciting workshops, networking, and presentations about the latest in cloud vision.


Intellify will be exhibiting on all three days so come ask us some questions and join the cloud computing conversation. See you there!

Book your ticket for the Summit before its too late:

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PyData Sydney Meetup: March 2019

PyData Sydney’s March meetup featured presentations from two guest speakers: Nick Halmagyi and Zhuo Jia Dai. These presentations showcased two different areas of data science. Our session had a great turnout, and provided an opportunity for data enthusiasts to learn and network amongst their peers. To find the presentations from this session, please click here.

Below are the speakers’ summaries of their presentations.

Nick presented on Graph Analytics in Python:

Graph Analytics in Python: Predicting Missing Links
The goal of the missing link problem in graph theory is to predict the pairs of nodes, which are not currently linked, yet are most similar in character to existing links. It is a problem regularly studied by operators of social networks to suggest new connections between people but the only limit as to what can be represented as nodes and edges of a graph is your own creativity! The state of the art benchmarks are all rooted in machine learning and I will provide an example based exposition of how to approach this problem in Python.

 Zhuo presented on Machine Learning in Banking:

Scorecards: How banks use Machine Learning to make lending decisions
Credit scoring has a long history in banking. Banks use it to make lending decisions on a daily basis. In this talk, ZJ will explain what a scorecard is, how is a scorecard built, and how modern ML frameworks, such as XGBoost, can be applied to automatically build scorecards.

Interested in taking the reins for the next PyData presentation? Want to teach your peers about the topic of your choice in the data science realm? Send us an email at to enquire. Alternatively, please keep an eye on our Meetup page for more information about our next session in April.

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PyData Sydney Meetup: Feb 2019

PyData Sydney’s first meetup of the new year resulted in an evening full of networking, pizza, and most importantly, learning about the best and brightest in new data management, processing, analytics, and visualisation. The PyData network provides rare opportunities for group of data science enthusiasts to meet and chat about the newest trends and developments in the industry.

This meetup put a spotlight on time series models, and how they have progressed past statistical methods. Attendees learned about the state-of-the-art methods and how they compare to classical ones.

In a field that’s growing at such a fast pace, it’s important that its followers do the same. The crowd of data science aficionados has certainly gone up in size, and we hope to see more and more eager scientists at our future events!

Interested in taking the reins for the next PyData presentation? Want to teach your peers about the topic of your choice in the data science realm? Send us an email at to enquire! Alternatively, please keep an eye on our Meetup page for more information about our next session on 6th March.

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Executive Breakfast – AI & ML Opportunities for Australian Business

Thursday 1st November we had our Executive Briefing breakfast session, a roundtable presentation and discussion with an array of 20 senior managers and executives, at the Four Seasons Sydney. Our discussion centred around the growing market and opportunities for enterprises looking to implement data science, machine learning and AI. This session we had a focus on not just the economic importance of implementing ML & AI now to secure competitive advantage, but also some of the tools and techniques to get AI projects successfully underway. With a presentation from AWS, and a sumptuous Four Seasons breakfast, attendees responded they felt the event was very useful and informative.

We will be running our next Executive Briefing in March 2019 – if you are at the stage of encouraging customers to investigate AWS Machine Learning for data projects, or looking at leveraging current opportunities in Machine Learning, SageMaker, or Artificial Intelligence, we’ll be inviting selected CxOs and senior managers for another exclusive opportunity to network and discuss the future of ML & AI.