Computer Vision

From Real-Time Tracking and Satellite Imaging to Medical Applications

Computer Vision is a field of machine learning and artificial intelligence that gives computers a visual understanding of the world. It allows computers to emulate human visual abstraction and reasoning through the processes of image acquisition, processing, analysis, and understanding.

Recent advancements in deep learning have allowed for higher accuracy rates than humans in certain tasks which has enabled a wide range of business applications for state-of-the-art computer vision solutions including:

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    Object or item classification

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    Monitoring and tracking

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    Hazard detection

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    Satefy policy enforcement

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    Remote sensing

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    Security and surveillance

Intellify specialises in developing computer vision solutions that generate actionable insights and business value. Moreover, we readily leverage the AWS cloud platform to bring greater scalability, cost-reduction, access, and speed to our machine learning deployments.


  • Benefit from next-gen retail analytics that anonymously track and segment crowd movements in real time
  • Improve customer satisfaction by effectively monitoring queuing times and heatmaps through object tracking
  • Optimise building flow, layout, and usage by accurately counting shopping units and customer categories using deep learning
  • Reduce operational costs through the use of smarter presence sensing, classification, and analysis


  • Improve workplace safety through identifying real-time safety equipment breaches on work sites
  • Optimise operational layout by distinguishing high-risk areas for additional safety mechanisms and attention
  • Recognise unsafe acts based on the location and motion of machinery and project entities using object tracking
  • Actively classify employees for further induction by identifying unsafe movements and awkward lifting postures using deep learning and pose estimation

Why Intellify?

  • We are Australia's leading machine learning and artificial intelligence consultancy
  • Our Computer Vision (CV) division (IntelliVision) brings together our experienced CV specialists with our partner's leading Intellectual Property in computer vision techniques and hardware.
  • Experienced in delivering Computer Vision solutions to a wide range of applications


  • Deep Learning
  • Image Segmentation
  • De-noising and Reconstruction
  • Real-time Object Tracking
  • Classification and Feature Analysis
  • Video Analysis
  • Remote Sensing


Our solutions leverage the latest cloud technologies from Amazon Web Services including SageMaker.