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Intellify Awarded AWS Machine Learning Consultancy Competency

It is with great enthusiasm to announce that Intellify has become the second partner in Australia to be awarded AWS Machine Learning Competency status, all the while celebrating our second birthday! 

Intellify was born in January of 2018 when the four founders noticed there was a gap in the supply of specialised Machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) consulting services in Australia. With their shared knowledge in ML & AI, analytics, consulting and project management, they wanted to collate their expertise to help companies build competitive advantage through smarter, data driven business decisions. With the demand for machine learning in Australia on the rise, they forged ahead with their goal of building a consultancy modelled on the principles of continuous improvement and customer obsession.

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Competency Program is designed to highlight AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners who have demonstrated proven customer success and technical proficiency in specialised areas. In order for partners to differentiate themselves to customers by showcasing expert-level practices, attainting AWS Competency status is extremely valuable.

AWS ML Competency Partners demonstrated that their company has deep expertise in ML on AWS and can deliver solutions seamlessly on AWS.

In order to become an AWS ML Competency Partner, Intellify underwent a technical audit of our ML practice. We also had to undergo a strict validation of our capabilities to demonstrate proven customer success and technical proficiency.

It is with great excitement to have been officially awarded AWS ML Competency status. We would like to mention how grateful we are to be an APN Consulting Partner and to be part of a community with the same customer-centric goal.
Our team put in a lot of hard work over the last few months to put our ML experience to the test and demonstrate best practice. As experts in our field our team showcased expertise in specific solution areas such as Demand Forecasting, Personalisation, and Price Optimisation.

“From day one our goal has always been Customer Obsession and Continuous Improvement. To be recognised as an AWS ML Competency Partner allows our team to continue delivering expert-level machine learning techniques and service.”  – Intellify Co-CEO and director, Kale Temple.

“Achieving this recognition meant we went through rigorous audits to demonstrate technical proficiency and proven customer success. Being the second company in Australia to achieve this in our two short years of operation is something we are all very proud of.”  – Intellify Co-CEO and director, Matt Alamdari.

What this means for our clients? We have been recognised by AWS for our ML capabilities in specific solution areas, leading to customer success, satisfaction, and trust.

In closing, we are excited to have entered our third year at Intellify with a great achievement under our belt and we’re anticipating some major milestones for 2020. We look forward to working with you in the future. If you’d like to start your AL and ML transformation with us, Contact Us today.

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Amazon AI Services

At Intellify we’ve been proud to partner with AWS since we were founded in 2018.

Our data scientists have always enjoyed using AWS’ ML service – Amazon Sagemaker. It reduces the time they have to spend on admin and engineering by taking away many of the tasks required to build, train and deploy the custom machine learning models when working with our customers like Alinta, Henry Schein and Vodafone.

While our data scientists always enjoy building an end to end machine learning project in this way, there is still a reasonable amount of effort still required to get a useful model into production, so it normally requires a project running for a month or two. While some customers have unique problems which are a good fit for this kind of customized, flexible approach, we have seen some use cases arise regularly, particularly forecasting, personalisation and image processing.

We’ve been really excited to see AWS expand its AI services portfolio with Amazon Personalize and Amazon Forecast becoming generally available this year. It means that for the most common ML use cases we can often dramatically reduce the work to do in areas like:

Solution architecture
Exploratory data analysis
Model selection
Model training and deployment
ML pipeline engineering
Production system monitoring

This means we can deliver projects at a fraction of the cost (both professional services and AWS platform) and time which was previously required. If the data is already on AWS, it’s often possible now to test out ML in hours to validate whether it’s a good use case.

At the moment we’re using Amazon’s AI Services including Amazon Forecast, Amazon Personalize, Amazon Rekognition and Amazon Comprehend Medical in use cases like

Inventory planning and control
Product recommendations
Marketing optimisation
Business metric forecasting
Removal of PII from images and reports
Pricing optimisation

It’s amazing how many features these products have and how quickly we can get the insights we need to impact key business processes.

We’re enjoying using these services and have some packaged projects defined to quickly deliver outcomes in the use cases above based on our experience working with AWS and their AI Services. If you’re interested in proving out ML use cases rapidly and at low cost, we’d love to talk.


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Intellify – now an AWS Advanced Tier Partner

We are proud to announce that we are officially APN Advanced Tier Partners
Intellify is dedicated to constantly improving and upgrading our skills to ensure our consultants are always up to date with the latest that AWS has to offer. Watch the video below to find out more about what this means for your organisations and for our customers.

Contact us here to learn how our award-winning Machine Learning solutions and support can optimise your business functions.

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Winner of the Differentiation Partner of the Year Award 2019

It happened! Intellify is officially the winner of the APN Differentiation Partner of the Year Award 2019.
It is a great honour to have received this award – being up against so many innovative industry leaders in Australia.

We confidently attribute our success thus far to the hard work of our employees who thrive on providing the most innovative and effective AI and Machine Learning solutions to businesses across multiple industries. We would like to thank our clients and partners for the business and support as well as AWS for this exciting opportunity.

Being a member of the global AWS Partner Network (APN) means we were up against tens of thousands of successful businesses who also use AWS Cloud solutions. The APN awards recognise industry leaders across the local channel that are playing a key role in helping their own customers drive innovation using the vendor’s cloud platform. The event also recognises partners whose business models continue to evolve and constantly drive costs down, while modernising for customers’ benefits. Our award, the Differentiation Partner Award, recognises partners that have developed an innovative capability on or integrated with AWS and this year Intellify has been recognised as the best in this category.

We look forward to keeping up this level of innovation and hard work in the future and hope to be able to participate in many more opportunities like this one going forward!

Take this as an opportunity to check out more about what we do and book a consultation with the official leaders in the industry –


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Visit Intellify at the AWS Summit Sydney 2019

Intellify is proud to announce that we will be exhibiting at this year’s AWS Summit at the International Convention Centre (ICC), Sydney. The Summit aims to bring together the cloud computing community to enhance and celebrate knowledge about creating future-ready businesses.

Explore how cloud technology can help businesses innovate, reduce costs and promote efficiency at large. The event is open to cloud users of all levels! It’s a free event designed to inspire new skill and application development as well as educate all those interested about the newest technologies and experts who have built their solutions on AWS.


What to Expect:

Day 1 (30th of April) is Amazon Innovation Day. The agenda focuses on first-hand experience and insights on how Machine Learning, Robotics, and AI are changing the way we do business an life our daily lives.

Day 2 & 3 (1st and 2nd of May) is the AWS Summit. These days include exciting workshops, networking, and presentations about the latest in cloud vision.


Intellify will be exhibiting on all three days so come ask us some questions and join the cloud computing conversation. See you there!

Book your ticket for the Summit before its too late:

For more information about the Summit follow this link:

Also, keep up to date with Intellify:

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re:Invent 2018 – Machine Learning and AI Take Centre Stage

This year’s AWS re:Invent was full of new releases and updates, cutting-edge tools, innovative products, and valuable resources to help take advantage of the rapid pace of growth and development in cloud services. For us at Intellify, we were most excited by the focus on building out Machine Learning tools and environments. SageMaker has gotten many new updates, making optimisation, recommendation systems, reinforcement learning (RL) and forecasting models deployable by more users than ever. Tellingly, much of Andy Jassy’s keynote was dedicated to announcing the massive new focus on Machine Learning and AI from AWS, and we are gearing up to help our customers take full advantage of the benefits.

5 Key Takeaways

While we continue to digest the content coming from re:Invent – it is a huge week after all – and begin to work with the expansions to SageMaker, Reinforcement Learning, Elastic Inference, Marketplace, and other ML-based toolkits, here are some of the major takeaways we had from the keynote presentations:

New SageMaker offerings: Ground Truth, Neo, Reinforcement Learning. We have been developing and deploying for our customers on SageMaker (see here, and here) since its first release and have found it a powerful environment for ML projects. AWS is expanding SageMaker even more, including:

Ground Truth: adding the capability to outsource data labelling to either human agents through Mechanical Turk, third parties, or in-house; or a combination of human and intelligent systems. Accurate labelling of data is crucial to successful implementation and integration of data sets for ML, and we can see ourselves taking advantage of this new service to ensure solution accuracy.
Reinforcement Learning (RL): a new environment dedicated to RL algorithms and compute power allowing deployment of RL-based ML solutions, which have much different requirements to supervised and unsupervised learning techniques.


Allowing ML vendors to share their cutting-edge ML algorithms and solutions in AWS Marketplace. Not only will this greatly expand the options available to those seeking pre-built ML solutions, it will also enable us to share some of our expertise on the platform, and more rapidly deploy flexible customer solutions using an array of customisable tools.

Significant expansions on Elastic Inference, and the arrival of AWS’ specialised ML chip: Inferentia. This is particularly exciting for us to see the expansion of flexible compute power for ML. Inference requires significant power when running our models, but for relatively sparse periods of time. The advantage of elastic inference will be in providing that high compute when it is needed, rather than paying for the availability of high compute all month. We’re sure this will make our future inference-based ML projects more cost-effective, while retaining the compute power we need for successful deployment.

The Introduction of DeepRacer and DeepRacer League.We loved this! Based on the new RL environment in AWS, watch out for an Intellify team flexing their ML and data science muscles in the League!

Amazon Textract, Personalize, and Forecast. This past year, customers have shown a lot of interest in document recognition/parsing; recommender systems, especially in ecommerce and customer experience-focused businesses; and time series modelling and forecasting. There are so many vital applications of these ML-based tools, and we can’t wait to get on board with Textract, Personalize, and Forecast to take them to a whole new realm of customers seeking the benefits of AI/ML.

Our Thoughts

AI and ML are hugely on the rise for both organisations and individuals. AWS’ new suite of releases and expansions to SageMaker, RL, Inference, and Marketplace will only help this field grow at an even faster rate. We’ve been deploying on SageMaker since its release, and these tools will only help us expand what we can offer to customers in terms of cutting edge, competitive AI/ML solutions.

Get in Contact

If you or your organisation are looking to take advantage of AI/ML and its enormous opportunities to boost revenue, create operational efficiency, and enhance competitiveness, please get in contact via phone (02 8089 4073) or email ( We are AWS Consulting partners for Machine Learning, with a range of projects already completed across SageMaker and AWS cloud services.