Case Studies

How we have helped businesses achieve AI goals

Pricing Optimisation

For a FTSE listed FMCG

Pricing optimisation is one of the most common challenges in retail. One needs to account for a range of facets such as promotional timing, market shifts and others in order to establish an optimal pricing strategy that maximises growth or profitability. In addition, anticipations of compet...

Demand Forecasting

For a leading car manufacturer

Demand forecasting presents itself as one of the foundational challenges in retail inventory management and budgeting. Traditional heuristic methods are resource intensive when scaled to large sets of products and often underperforms in accuracy by failing to incorporate the effects of subs...

Customer Segmentation

For an online retail marketplace

Introduction Customer segmentation and personalised marketing has become the norm in driving customer attrition and acquisition. High value customers drive over 70% of value for companies; targeted marketing enhances loyalty and customer engagement by tailoring to each contextual user experience. Mo...

Demand forecasting

For an online digital media platform

Overview   The forecasting of product and service demand, coupled with the extraction of behavioural insights, facilitates greater efficiencies in providing services to the end customer. This case study explores the development of a demand forecasting and behavioural insights model for one of ...

Data Science as a Service

For a Management Consulting Partner

The Problem Targeted quantitative research is a critical need for management consulting companies that supports and justifies existing strategy recommendations and data-driven decision making. Moreover, the typical management consulting skillset do not result in the most effective data sci...