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Health Industry

Use Cases for ML & AI

Diagnosis in Medical Imaging

Identifying and diagnosis of diseases are other expertise being conducted in Intellify. This can cover from radiology and MRI images to pathology samples. The autonomous tools we are conducting are sequentially automated from scanning from devices, defining region of interest, labelling, and recommending solutions based on historical data.

Image Search and Details Abstraction

Capturing knowledge from both medical imaging data and recorded documents for patients, followed by proposing recommendation created by the captures insight are other capability of our technical data scientists at Intellify. The proposed recommendation engine can be implemented on radiology and pathology devices by equipping a mechanism from scan, index, and then searching techniques. The proposed pipeline not only easily connects radiologists and researchers with their colleagues, but also speeds up diagnosis.

Personalised Medicine

Leveraging patient medical history to help generate multiple treatments by predicting risks using AI techniques is another capability in Intellify. This can be developed by paring individual health with predictive analytics, resulting in better diagnosis.