Customer Service


Machine learning and AI systems can be effectively applied to the customer service business function. Natural language programming models are applied to monitor customer satisfaction across call centres and survey responses. Emotion and sentiment analyses are able to capture changes in customer mood throughout an interaction with a customer service representative. Call classification can also be applied to automatically delegate incoming calls to staff based on their expertise and strengths.

Using Machine Learning to identify customer issues with social listening and ticketing solutions wherever they arise is the first step to resolving them. Social listening and ticketing vendors help you to leverage Natural Language Processing and machine vision to identify customers to contact and respond to them automatically or assign them to relevant agents increasing customer satisfaction.

Artificial Intelligence can seamlessly but securely authenticate customers. Voice authentication allows you to authenticate customers without passwords: leveraging biometry to improve customer satisfaction and reduce issues related to forgotten passwords.

Machine Learning can assign a Customer Sales Agent to a specific customer. Ensuring that the agent you assign to a customer has the expertise and style which matches the needs of that customer. This can occur through Call classification systems which leverage Natural Language Processing to understand what customer is trying to achieve enabling agents to focus on higher value-added activities and enable you to better match agents and customers.