Intellify is Australia’s leading Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Consultancy

At Intellify, we forge competitive advantage for our customers by helping them to leverage their data assets, enabling them to become smarter and data driven. We deliver innovative solutions that drive real business value and create exponential growth with cutting edge AI technology, via three service lines:

  • 1

    Strategic Advisory

    To create and design your AI roadmap & strategy
  • 2

    Consulting & Execution

    To design & implement AI solutions.
  • 3

    Managed Services

    To ensure ongoing, operational excellence

The age of Artificial Intelligence is now

The growing adoption of machine learning and artificial intelligence by businesses has triggered organisations to think about how they can build competitive advantage and prevent disruption in the age of artificial intelligence. Organisations should adopt now, rather than later, so that they can experiment with and validate use cases and as well as build familiarity with AI. How will your company like many others, realise the value of machine learning and artificial intelligence?


How can artificial intelligence help?

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    Build scalable, highly accurate product demand forecasts

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    Recommend prices to maximise revenue or growth

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    Identify your most valuable customer segments

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    Recommend products to increase cross-sell or up-sell

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    Understand why customers are leaving your business

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    Enhance safety oversight and risk management with computer vision

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    Predict and optimise maintenance to reduce servicing costs

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    Take actions based on natural language processing

Our Packages

To accelerate AI inside your business Intellify provides 4 packages:

Readiness Assessment

Do you want to find out how ready your business is for artificial intelligence?

In our AI assessment we will perform a comprehensive review of the facets needed to build successful, ROI driven AI systems. At the end, you will receive recommendations on how to accelerate the adoption of AI inside your business and a roadmap to successful enterprise AI.


Are you looking to pilot an Artificial Intelligence program or solution inside your company?

With our jump-start package, we’ll complete a tailored assessment of your business to identify how Artificial Intelligence can be leveraged to add value to your organisation. At the end of the assessment, we’ll help you to build a proof of concept so you can see how much Return on Investment AI can deliver to your business.

Adoption Program

Are you worried that your AI programs will struggle to get traction?

Our AI adoption program works with your business and IT stakeholders to make sure that your AI initiatives are a success. The program sets out a clear roadmap, schedule and objectives that need to be achieved. The program includes our readiness assessment as well as training and support for any solutions developed during the program.


Are you looking to start an AI project inside your organisation?

With our consulting services we will be able to work with your business stakeholders to scope out the solution that will deliver the highest impact, decide on the best technologies for your organisation and then build a fully functional production system that fits in seamlessly with your business processes.

Why partners choose Intellify

The Data Science Success Framework

All our project work is delivered using our unique Data Science Success Framework and Accelerate Project Delivery frameworks which are designed to make sure that your AI project is delivered on time, generates real business value and follows data science and machine learning best practice.

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